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Domestic hotel books common problem
Read the article carefully please before book, so that you choose an ideal domestic hotel quickly according to your demand.

1.3 inferior the management of domestic hotel forms a structure:

Overall for 3 inferior domestic hotel is in the whole nation is to belong to high-grade, and the service that the experience that manages for a long time brings is top-ranking. Strengthen as what the government manages strength, 3 inferior the management credit of domestic hotel is spent, service quality also is rising ceaselessly.

A: 3 inferior the travel bethel as the world, more and more foreigner buy house property here, and utilization rate is very low however, these are high-grade the house property that decorate is in 3 inferior in special climate environment not easy and unused, unused result is the damaged of the building, so these house property or be rented for a long time or by entrust as domestic hotel manage. As 3 inferior building dish ceaseless investment is used, the amount of domestic hotel still can increase.

B: Additionally 3 inferior the heat as travel, investment, many businessman investment specialize in domestic hotel, high-grade decorate, low spending and hotel competition, satisfy the requirement of travel market.

C: Native takes out his unused house property to transform become domestic hotel.

2.The preparation before booking:

Refer oneself conceivable information according to needing to shift to an earlier date, so that arrive smoothly,traffic problem must be solved before hotel is booked 3 inferior, plan roughly the journey, be in certainly 3 inferior travel time, make good budget, prepare to set out!

3.How does the room book ability fast and effective?

Ahead of schedule day number books: Shift to an earlier date at ordinary times 3-7 day is booked, holiday shifts to an earlier date 15-25 day is booked.

Book notice: Ask date of the full name you, airliner, give phone of a date, connection, place to book a room model, the number informs us can, so that we do can better reception you. Know a name we are good the name that uses you is ordered room and go to the lavatory to be used in the airport write those who have your name to receive machine card machine; It is OK that affirmatory, room palpability, number knew date better for you, detailed service, the such as line that avoids to be caused because of this designs unidentified, room to affirm unspecified, clique car receives a lot of inaccuracy such as plane travel inconvenience to decide an element.

4.Does domestic hotel still need to still have other cost besides room cost?

3 inferior domestic hotel divides a room there is other charge outside cost (room article cash pledge should hand in 100-200 yuan, when returning a house, check the total number after nondestructive is returned) , if you want to use kitchen, phone, swim pool, tennis court collect fees the project is about to collect fees separately, rate inspects each family to the particular case of hotel sets and be decided, have a plenty of order a room to have the given service project that can feed free spending, this problem you are mixed when booking a room when dealing with stop add, should understand in detail, check, seek advice. Though money is not much, but can affect sometimes go vacationing cheerfully originally the mood- - not worth!
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