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Enter a hotel to need to ask the method of plan cost clear
The tourist mirrorred to the newspaper office recently: Guang of  honest Zhen " quiet Fu evil from Ping  " ? of poisonous frequency of Qiang of  of the orange that irrigate  is in before dawn 5:30 enter, the left and right sides left at 2 o'clock afternoon, around has not lingered 10 hours, hotel side however collection the room of half expends one of days, claim this is accord with " international convention " .

Is the hotel done so reasonable? In hotel industry, whether cost of a day of room is equal to? Is room of a day expends the hotel how calculative? The reporter interviewed relevant personage.

The hotel collects fees accord with international convention

According to Guangzhou university dew of Cheng of Sino-French travel institute hangs teacher introduction, according to international convention, the hotel is to be in commonly the following day midday 12 when before calculate cost of a day of room, and 12 when arrive 18 when this paragraph of time criterion but collection a long time room cost, this is the general standard that the hotel on international collects fees. Introduce according to manager of department of public relations of white swan guesthouse Miss Zhu Min, at present white swan guesthouse also collects fees by above standard, by expended as new one day plan at 7 o'clock in the morning, if the guest left at 2 o'clock afternoon, guesthouse has authority collection one day the room cost of half.

Hotel time paragraph collect fees regulation urgently standard

Collect fees about the hotel, the country already had regulation of proclaimed in writing:  Qian ton channel of discharge  Mei Wei as shadow cast by the sun favour pours Di man to return banter  to pig Suo? " hotel guest room collects fees with ' / night ' for computational unit () of time room except. Live by the guest one ' / night ' plan receive a room one day to expend; morrow 12 when later, 18 when the person that deal with the formalities that return a house before, restaurant can be added receive a room a long time to expend; morrow 18 when the person that return a house later, restaurant can be added collect room fee one day. Restaurant can be added collect room fee one day..

But " standard " in make a provision without the time to be being entered in the morning, this posed not little conflict, the time that for instance this gentleman enters is before dawn at 5 o'clock half, according to the introduction of Mr. Cai, the hotel sets previously, 5:30 still belong to before today, calculated at 6 o'clock the following day. If the guest is in 6:00 enter, can be in the following day 12 when before if the; that return a house is 5:59 enter, have to be in so the 12:0 that day0 before return a house, if be in the following day 12:00 regressive rooms, have to hand in a day of room to expend more. And press white swan guesthouse collect fees method, suppose his entering time is in the morning 7:00, according to the algorithm that was daystart at 7 o'clock, the house that Fu Yitian wants only when leaving afternoon is expended.
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