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Hainan is driven oneself swim circuit
East line: Hainan is driven oneself swim circuit, Hainan is driven oneself swim circuit is recommended, Hainan drives oneself circuit
A, big talk - Wen Chang:
Big talk - Wen Chang—Head center presses down — Dong Ge—Culture and education presses down — Long Lou to press down — timbal mountain—East outskirt dock—City of sea fining jade
Along the line adds close tourist attraction: Crater park, marine village, east groove guard of nature of mountain of mangrove of stockaded village harbor, timbal, east outskirt coco forest, family name of the Song Dynasty ancestor house, 7 continent mountain of a chain of islands, 7 stars
Big talk - Wen Chang:
The course explains:
Distance 80 kilometers, freeway, time is controlled in 60 minutes about.
The road surface of major a section of a highway of this paragraph of freeway did not close, the animal that because the attention requires when visit car,roadside often appears if ox and autocycle allow rapid transit tool one kind.
Wen Chang - head Yuan Zhen - Dong Ge presses down - culture and education presses down:
The course explains:
Distance makes an appointment with 30 kilometers, wen Chang is changing extend to Long Lou's highway, old way and new way are alternant, road condition extreme difference, the car with small batholith needs amble. Wen Chang arrives time of Dong Ge drive a vehicle 35 minutes, dong Ge presses down time of drive a vehicle 10 minutes or so to culture and education.
There are 93 benzines inside article prosperous city, after giving Wen Chang, gas station benzine has 90 only, sell without high grade benzine.
Culture and education presses down - Long Lou presses down - timbal mountain:
The course explains:
Distance 25 kilometers. Culture and education makes an appointment with 25 minutes or so to time of dragon building drive a vehicle. Long Lou presses down the following road surface to be cement road surface.
Go up dish of hill highway of timbal mountain road surface of cement of the driveway that it is sheet, meeting car is very difficult.
The mosquito slue on timbal mountain, hill prepares the medicaments that prevents a mosquito on, had better wear pants of long body length.
Car can stop on the basket field of summit unit only, stop fare 10 yuan / car.
Timbal mountain - east outskirt dock:
The course explains:
Distance makes an appointment with 30 kilometers, time of drive a vehicle is controlled 35 minutes.
From timbal after mountain is downhill before go 5 minutes or so, a fork in the road is gone to left head for east outskirt. The asphalt road surface with road poorer condition, need drive a vehicle 15 minutes or so. Ever since road surface is in to cross the sandy soil road surface of the level off in intertropical woods, speed can achieve 60-70 kilometer / hour. Autocycle, bicycle and pedestrian are more, the need when drive a vehicle notices.
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