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10 days of stay away from home that drive oneself, Hainan is saved east line
Set out from big talk, edge Hainan east line high speed arrives 3 inferior, it is the gold travel hot line of Hainan tradition, centered the elite of charm of coconut wind sea, assemble the humanitarian famous historical site with Hainan long history. It is to be lost in no matter on the beach, still do tide in ocean wave, you can experience a kind of dip the Wen Run at “ Hainan green ” .

Circuit journey

Total course of development: 1224 kilometre. Total program 10 days. Average and daily count 10 thousand meters only, but visiting tourist attraction and in sand play time much. Hainan does not have a winter, scenery of the four seasons all appropriate, annual all suits to be driven oneself, go with the winter most satisfied.

Cost budget

Total cost budget: 2500 yuan.

Gasoline expenses: Inspect car and character, every liter gas is more expensive than inland 1.2 yuan or so

Stop fare: Scene area parking lot all is 10 yuan / second, do not provide service of pass the night. Guesthouse jockeys not to collect fees temporarily, pass the night 10 yuan / second.

Drive a scenery oneself

Sea of D1 Guangzhou —— is installed (ferry) —— big talk

Early 8:30 get up, set out from Guangzhou, along An Zhan freeway Jiang Jin sends Xiangzhan. Guidepost should notice when giving a city, do not go wrong, because network of road of freeway of Pearl River delta develops, the special number that also can differentiate without what (highway both sides is to become piece factory area) , rely on guidepost completely. Fortunately the guidepost here is very clear. If do not give an accident, time can arrive at Zhan Jiang midday. High speed hind has a meal below. If have time and requirement, can spend 2 ~ 3 hours go visitting Nanhai fleet drive to protect a group, the large destroyer that him our country builds looks on dock, proud affection arises spontaneously.

Because want a country to afternoon, after eating a meal, should rest a little. Give a city to turn go up 207 countries of Xu Wen (the taxi driver that place should enquire before giving Zhan Jiang, high speed whether already build installs harbor to the sea, if already be open to traffic, not was necessary to walked along 207 countries to again) . Cong Suixi of 207 nations line is 153 kilometre to Xu Wen, install harbor to famous sea from Xu Wen even 10 kilometre. 207 countries two-way 4 driveway, cement road surface, both sides market town is very much, often have highway of all sorts of size animal cross, all sorts of agricultural the car also is dash around madly, want to drive carefully. Xu Wen can arrive after about 2 hours. The road that brings to the sea from Xu Wen is very narrow, both sides is the small faker that does business, rate is very so slow, road sign is not clear also, want to ask local ceaselessly.

The sea brings port city very big, the all car travel card after arriving closes neat, go next booking office buys a ticket. Dock looks to go up before buying a ticket some what boat, a boat that asks to go up to leave the most quickly as far as possible, do not make booking office optional arrange, they often can give the arrangement after you lean, arrange the boat that still does not have harbor to go up even. Dock is in to queue up to await to the ship after ticket of try to win sb's favor. Unless luck is special good, want to wait for ability half hours to go aboard at least commonly. After going aboard, still need to await ability of period of time to set foot on the route that crosses the sea.
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