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Guangdong - Hainan drives circuit to recommend oneself
Drive oneself You Haina is in Internet “ 10 drive oneself greatly circuit ” is medium a row the 5th, amorous feelings index 4 stars, have a fever index 4 stars. “ beach, sea wind, coco forest, drive play turn Hainan island ” , hainan is attracting each tourist with its individual intertropical amorous feelings. Leave the province with closer Hainan, the tourist is willing oneself drive on island, long-range tourist also is fond of by airplane to hire a car to be driven oneself again to Hainan hind swim. The netizen says, “ sets out from big talk, all the way south row, the 3 time that arrive 4 days finished north and south to pass through the feat of Hainan island. If be open car, if not be afraid of sunshine, the star in still can resembling a lot of MTV is general, drive to gallop by Cong Yelin and pass, this kind of wonderful sense is self-evident. ”

Will be you special recommend inferior Long Wan, Wu raises continent island recreational You Hemei feeds scene 5 days to swim two classical circuitry.

Wu raises continent island: China saves the most in good condition beach

Someone says, did not have been to Wu to raise continent island, be equal to did not have been to Hainan. This word is exaggerated not at all. Group of hill of clear seawater, delicate beach, enthusiastic sunshine, Yan Mian, halcyon harbour, and the Maldives ” that the feelings of romance of the person that swim lets this “ China appears make a person yearning especially.

Because Wu of “ of be similar in shape raises ” ,Wu raises continent island (a kind of infrequent marine incrustation kind reptile) and get a name. Here once was martial forbidden zone, still also limit the tourist's number nowadays, because this environment did not suffer,destroy, have China to save a the most in good condition beach not only, and briny visibility achieves 27 meters, sea floor is the cay fish of multicolored cay and multicoloured completely, the Long Xieshu that dinosaurian time joins even on the isle can see ……

Wu raises continent island is the has fresh water resource and rich vegetation isle with Hainan island not much amount to: Qing Dynasty of water of annulus island maritime space sees an end, teem with the tropical fish of green snail, holothurian, langouste, Spanish mackerel, pomfret and multicoloured. The station sees gorgeous tropical fish is by the side of your leg very easily in the seawater that does not have genu You Yi. See Wu raise from hill continent, the rain forest vegetation of eyeful luxuriant grey, see precious rare plant dimly chaulmoogra of Long Xieshu, Hainan and leave the Suo Luo that hand down from dinosaurian times.

Wu raises continent island to be called again the insular ” that “ moves. There are a lot of maritime recreation projects on the island: Mosquito craft swims, dive of banana boat, high-quality goods, bank angles, beach volleyball, wait for have everything that one expects to find.
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