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Drive oneself experience charm of sea of Hainan coco wind
Who says you can not cast team of travel greater part, footloose?
Who says you can not be in distant and new different ground, do oneself make a conduct a sightseeing tour to oneself?
Travel can be to enjoy, also can be a challenge, without what not OK! Come, leave in New Year piece, do a person of fresh journey freedom, design a colorful budget traveling to oneself!

Rent the good car of a handy, take the family friend that swims together, fully map of city of a Hainan, set each time paragraph inside this arrival destination, go to stop all the way, admire shamrock Hai La is blue, blue on the way scenery, the travel new fashion that you caught up with instantly -- drive oneself, quite absolutely enough stimulation, free.

The preparation before travel:
◇ carries travel agent, airline or website of travel business affairs orders good airline ticket and public house.
◇ gets online understand Hainan road condition, set drives line attempt.
The money with ◇ enough belt (the cash pledge amount that the place that rent a car needs but not small) with the driver's license!

Proposal journey: 5 days
Recommend circuit: Big talk, 3 inferior, big talk

The 1st day
Fly to big talk by Beijing, stop add is dealt with in big talk hotel, seek the company renting a car with good reputation, deal with the relevant formalities that rent a car. Live in big talk one evening.

The 2nd day

Early morning rises big early, view and admire grand maritime sunrise, the sea cool in the morning is being blown coolly, very comfortable. Next satiate drink sufficient, the journey on the belt is necessary article, happy start off!

Set out from big talk, choice from east the freeway leaves for the line 3 inferior (you are OK also from the freeway heads for the line on the west) . Drive all the time about 3 hours can arrive 3 inferior, but you might as well on the road in Bo Ao, 10 thousand springs river, flourishing stop play.

Road both sides has lofty coco, will nod rustic music inside the car, every are ongoing 1 kilometer, you can see different view. And, the circumstance that block a car up won't appear in that way like Beijing absolutely here, listen to side side to breathe out only the rumour that breathe out, can experience the joy that drives in Hainan.

Arrive 3 inferior hind, you can see even bluer than blue sky seawater. Inferior Long Wan's seawater can be world-famous, and, 3 inferior all buildings and establishment, be mixed by coco all sorts of plants around move, eyeful is green.

Next, in 3 inferior the hotel enters take up one's quarters, eat the seafood, southern fruit that has eaten all sorts of doing not have, a lie-in sleeps on the hammock in coconut woods.

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