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Hainan is outdoors and expeditionary

Hainan is outdoors, hainan is expeditionary, hainan is outdoors motion

Doing not have cold Hainan island is travel season all the year round, but besides beach, sunshine, seafood, hainan island still has selva, island, fall desert even. Because have all these, hainan, go vacationing besides what can bask on beach recreational besides, still suit expeditionary, seek intertropical nature. In water lukewarm when becoming a bit cool, in tropics no longer burning hot when, we go Hainan seeks intertropical nature.

Selva explores

Groove guard of virgin forest of aiguille mountain tropics is park of forest of selva of the first country of our country, the film " develop a Yamaxun " intertropical and jungly setting is taken from here.

Let sb have sth into the bargain of mist of block of aiguille mountain cloud sees below hill, all sorts of dense tropical vegetations make jungly former zoology move extremely sharp, very much Gu Shuji is tall clinking, truncal 4 people so big that one can just get one's arms around is superabundant. Fungus of fruit of strange beautiful different, of all kinds, it is northerner see what one has never seen before, of never heard of before. Eduction of excrement and urine is followed again after the seed of bird's nest brake or orchid is eaten to fall by bird, began on crotch flourishingly life, had then in same and truncal on growing phenomenon of two kinds of floral, ” of the garden in sky of “ of call it by a good name of. Allegedly here owns a plant 2800 a variety of, animal 4300 a variety of, only the breed of butterfly amounts to 449 kinds, than praise the Taiwan island that is ” of “ butterfly kingdom is much still 100 a variety of.

Verdure of the rain forest that overflow hill is gotten so dense, so that branch is not propped up,lived, thick green arranges hill situation come down in torrents then and fall, gathered together in the valley eventually the pool of sky of mountain of water —— aiguille of time of one pool blue waves. The high mountain lake of this 40 hectare, in cool breeze flap below, extending shallow dimple, be set by involuntary discharge of urine like one side the mirror of gully.

Ascend aiguille mountain can cut the interest that experiences tropical forest personally not only, sunrise sunset still can be watched after ascending a top, admire mist and clouds in the twilight wind around, can favour witnesses sea of hill sea, sea of clouds, mist, sea 4 great marvellous spectacle.

Clew: What groove guard of virgin forest of aiguille mountain tropics is located in ministry of Hainan island southwest is happy churchyard of autonomous county of Dong Li a group of things with common features, area 447 square kilometer. Enter aiguille groove guard to must guide acts as a guide, get lost very easily otherwise. Climb climb whole journey of the highest peak in a mountain range about 5 hours. Leech of channel cereal mountain stream is strange much, the equipment that prevent locust, medicine is indispensible.
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