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Live in big talk this city, we happen to coincide fell in love with big talk, but the reason that we have deep love for big talk however each are not identical. The process is recruited in nearly 1 week hot line in, a lot of citizens told about them to have deep love for the reason of big talk to us. Here, the reporter arranges these reason that love big talk, as the birthday present that all of us gives big talk 80 years old.

General character reason
In the reason of love big talk that tells about in the reader, having one part reason contain general character, they represented a lot of people to be experienced to big talk jointly.
Reason 1: Air is good, have pollution hardly, can breathe the freshest air at any time (the reason) that this also is big talk of most reader love.
Reason 2: The scenery is beautiful, charm of coconut wind sea makes a person be intoxicated.
Reason 3: It is green everywhere, brought to the city exuberant opportunity of survival.
Reason 4: Very warm in the winter, come here hibernate is the most comfortable.
Reason 5: Living environment is good, and house price is cheaper than city of a lot of provincial capital.
Reason 6: Develop fast, change big, turn in big talk street, often can discover new surprise.
Reason 7: Big talk person is not very good-tempered, antiforeign.
Reason 8: Big talk is very clean, go on the street not to feel dirt almost.
Reason 9: Life rhythm is incompact not slow, enjoying city life while, need not bear again too great pressure

Individual reason
Their individual is experienced or the reason that still many readers love big talk results from completely is an individual experience, perhaps not be everybody approbates these reason, but these reason however bona fide is existing.
Miss Wu: I am a girl that loves the United States, because here can wear beautiful skirt all the year round,I like big talk is, and only beauty does not have aspic person.
King gentleman: I am a retired worker, because,I like big talk is old father tea. Everyday I can drink old father tea with a few old friend. Drink drink tea, eat some of snack, beautiful Qianbuduo can sit however most day, can card games still can talk aloud, we like such life very much.
Land young lady: I am Wen Changren, when I am small, I am very yearning big talk, feel that is the place with whole the most flourishing Hainan. I like big talk, because this is me as a child yearning place.
Mr Li: The girl that I love is big talk person, for her I come to big talk from north, also fell in love with this city. Because big talk is very beautiful,be not only, still have the my love, person that I love because of here.
Accord with gentleman: I love big talk, because big talk is not big. After the university graduates, I went to Beijing working. But Beijing is too big, every sky class should take the car of 2 hours. After Beijing lived two years, I more a variety of advantage that because be brought not quite,yearn for big talk, so I came back.
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