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3 inferior the seaside wears short skirt to bask
3 inferior it is a place that suits degree of false travel very much, nature the the the most delightful climate, freshest air, vernallest sunshine, most the the seawater of azure blue, downiest beach, most the seafood …… with the 10 thousand kinds belle, most delicate amorous feelings bestowed this China most Na Duan's seaside travels city. Go 3 inferior hibernate, sun warmth is beautiful, walk in warm on warm beach, treat the lake, listen to billow, cast chill to beyond the highest heavens.

3 inferior winter climate

3 inferior city climate is distinctive, belong to climate of sex of intertropical and marine monsoon, year average air temperature 25.4 ℃ , air temperature is highest for in July, lowest of air temperature of 28.4 ℃ ; is average air temperature in January, average air temperature 21 degrees, annual sunshine time reachs 2563 hours, the four seasons if summer, the flower often leaves, element has “ east of Hawaiian ” say, when north already cold wind is brisk, when white Xue Piao waves, yang Gaozhao still admires here, warm wind tootle, so, want to escape the cold winter of haze, arrive please 3 inferior treat the lake.

Clad index: Soot  first? proposal is move short skirt, knickers, short the summertime dress such as suit, T-shirt. Appropriate of aged body weak is worn long sleeve shirt and odd pants.

3 inferior the winter swims recommend

1, the ocean of day of winter of —— treating the lake

Winter arrives 3 inferior will treat the lake, you can discover 3 inferior the sea is distinctive sea, 3 inferior winter is distinctive winter, experience such characteristic to want to see such tourist attraction of course, this is about the island goes on the west, arrive inferior by the side of Long Wan, raise continent island to go up to Wu. Wu raises continent island is the amount to is not much has fresh water resource isle all round Hainan island. Wu raises continent island annual to enrage bright blandly, the four seasons happy person, it is to go vacationing recreational, hibernate place to go of ideal of winter swimming, recreational. Be in on the west island, be in inferior Long Wan, the beach that can step on softness treats the lake, can dive sea floor goes, or it is to be in taking vitreous boat to go sightseeing in sea floor, you dare not imagine this in cold north, because at this moment north already dripped water becomes ice, and people still can dive however marine. >> > go 3 inferior the ocean that reads the sea to feel wintry day

2, of the “ fish and water with hot spring exciting —— joyous”

In Hainan 3 inferior the place that has a beauty calls Na Tian hot spring- - China the first spring, there is a hot spring pool to growing over there thousands of small fish, want you to lie in hot spring water silently only, small fish surround to you with respect to meeting group ties come up, gnaw the leather fat bits that feeds your body to go up, have profit greatly to clean skin, local calls piscine cure. The guest often spends hot spring in bubble later, always should bite ability to feel to the fish satisfy a craving. Allegedly, these small fish can fall 45 degrees in water Wen Da live. Go out travel goes tired foot, to hot spring sit down at will by the pool, hubble-bubble foot, let a fish bite, the sort of feeling, come compared with the sufficient bath in the city, none Sun color ~
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