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Hainan views and admire 17 places of chute
Hainan watchs waterfall guideline
Fall of condole collect mountain group / hill water
1. Fall of maple fruit mountain
Composition: Waterfall of celestial being tear, waterfall glacial a heart, think of put in waterfall, rainbow waterfall 's charge
The biggest drop: 150 meters
Width: 30 meters
2. Dali chute
Composition: Hold in the palm south day chute, sororal pool chute
The biggest drop: 70 meters
3. Stone eyeball chute
The biggest drop: 30 meters
Course: Cong Yelin presses down hill to keep a line, travel of face northwest direction 18 kilometers, to the mouth this date is pressed down, the bureau of condole Luoshan forestry that to northing hill 8 kilometers come to to lakefront of little younger sister
4. Fall of 100 beautiful mountain / in fining jade
Composition: Clever medicine of red of golden Long Tuzhu, god, fairy loose cotton, avalokitesvara looks at lotus
The biggest drop: 300 meters
Course: From sea Yu central line root of camp of 138 kilometers part is pressed down to southwest 6 kilometers
5. Fall of goosefoot mother mountain / in fining jade
Composition: Chute of chute of droplight chute, the Milky way, construct a canal
The biggest drop: 200 meters
Course: After the goosefoot mother hill that the black stone town that from sea Yu central line 122 kilometers are in sails to westing to black 24 kilometers are in that highway is pressed down, change country highway arrives at bureau of trade of goosefoot mother mountain forest
6. Fall of mountain of peace and tranquility / hill of the five fingers
The biggest drop: 20 meters
Course: The town developing hill that in sea Yu central line 214 kilometers are in is northeast ” of the first village enters the hill of “ the five fingers of 4 kilometers hill of peace and tranquility
7. Half lis of waterfall / hill of the five fingers
The biggest drop: 100 meters
Course: The Mao Yang that in sea Yu central line 188 kilometers are in presses down Mao Yang village, toward east abduct dish of hill road to hill of direct the five fingers, row 33 kilometers arrive at international of hill of the five fingers to go vacationing stockaded village
8. Dragon phoenix chute / hill of the five fingers
Course: Below the A Tuo mountain range that in sea Yu central line 2 kilometers manage the north of red mountain area near 200 kilometers
9. Fall of gallinaceous mouth mountain / collect prosperous
The biggest drop: 100 meters
Course: In sea Yu central line lubricious lakefront of wood of 110 kilometers place goes by ship gallinaceous mouth mountain
10. Red bank chute / Bai Sha
The biggest drop: 145 meters
Course: In Hai Yu the state brook that 198 kilometers of line are in on the west is pressed down eastwards, via Bai Sha county tooth fork is pressed down, come geology of yuan of red bank of ministry of southeast of gate rural area is vestigial the Gong Kanling inside beauty spot
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