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Travel of Hainan summer beach notices 6 not

Summer arrived, a lot of tourists are fond of beach to travel, we are in enjoyment while, what should notice?

1, it is not clear to do not try to be in of water area state laky or seaside natant paddle.

2, weather situation is flabby and time, should avoid seaside paddle or undertake the activity on water.

3, when the swimming-pool swims, should avoid to play in pool bank angle or water intense equestrian fight game.

4, play swim when pool slippery aqueduct, go up not intentionally with head offal or the means amuse oneself of other mistake.

5, when playing gangplank, should notice around swim person, dive at the front of gangplank, and jump down not intentionally by gangplank flank or remittent frisk, lest produce accident harm.

6, before swimming, do not drink, because alcohol can affect the judgement ability of cerebrum, and the hair lease of life that adds natant accident is met.

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