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3 inferior imprint picture: of screen of look of D mill scabbard murders
The first paragraphic city


3 inferior it is a city, it is China most the biggest city of Na Duan, it is a province with Chinese mouth, terrestrial the smallest area administer city, it is China has the largest sea area administer the seaside city of the area.

When quantify the plan that high speed of Chinese all city develops when the expert with the number, only alone 3 inferior it is however be counted every year experience with footstep and sense organ with the tourist of 1 million person-time 3 inferior the special city with uniform nature of this market of great capacity.

This city can produce a lot of stories everyday, some stories are marking the future of urban feature and townsman.

One called Mollie's madam 2002, the look the lock is in surely 3 inferior, then complete the belle from world each district wind and cloud arrived by the side of Southern China, total final of young lady of world of the 53rd bound connects world belle and this city together cheek by jowl. Then successive 3, 3 inferior the dream that beach made a lot of different skin belles, also Jing admired the eye of whole world man, belle beauty's colourful story makes a of this city unique window.

Meet opportunely this year on December 1, total final of young lady of the 57th world was put again 3 inferior, 23 years old of China young ladies that are called Zhang Zilin from beautiful of 106 each country beautiful in show itself with one action carries off the laurel of world young lady of 2007 year, this also is the comes from China champion with exclusive throughout history of total final of world young lady.

Miss Zhang Qing Chuncan's sodden beautiful smile, as 3 inferior the beauty of this city, the view that allows attention of world each district is full of boundless free time to think of ……

Have a distressed boy, with a shabby guitar, defend in Hunan inspect in singing, sing first one distressedly however red complete China, this boy name calls Chen Chu to be born, its birthplace is in 3 inferior, his home is in 3 inferior one is called the farm that establishs ability in.

Chen Chu is unripe, from 3 inferior the musical gifted scholar that takes, his struggling story is in the contest of happy man student, the youngster that also lets a lot of life that conceive end dream is in the look of this city in the sky amazed a happy summertime ……


3 inferior winter Shan Shan came, in bank of this Southern China most the city of the brim, the person of all over the country is like migrant the city that ordinary wave ground went to this to do not have chill, the feeling in letting the cold current that the person falls in northward leaf gets south of China lukewarm dim.

That is a kind another mood, be a kind yearning, also be one kind looks forward to, be a kind optional, it is … of a kind of a home to return to more…

In 3 inferior azure blue is like washed beach edge, in pleased in the crowd like wave smile, I numerated it seems that the distance is deep bosom desire like the sea of this city, make me thoughtful, make me recall. Then, I stroll the ave of this not big city is off-street, attempt to finds out a bit clew, make up for long the perplexed and alarmed in residing chill. Hope the sea wind that comes in these blow on the face is medium, experience 3 inferior the desire of huge magnetic field.
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