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To 3 inferior spend a small holiday

In travel project, the seaside goes vacationing most let a person feel satisfied. Although Wen Zhou relies on the sea, but present air temperature lets a person look at Hai Shengwei, never mind nevertheless, we go to warm place playing the sea, say for example 3 inferior, now can be 3 inferior one of best season of travel. Come the air temperature of Hainan is not high now not low, cool and delightful, must go up quite again let us enter the water play; 2 come now is 3 inferior the tourist's least season, dozen of folding length such as traffic, accommodation degree very big, quite cheap. Want us to hesitate again only 9 weeks, this petty gain expired.

Search fishing the platoon is delicate

The cate of Hainan does not express those advanced now dining-room in, say what eat on fishing platoon is delicate for example, advanced dining room does not have.

So called " fishing is discharged " it is the other people on water, in red sanded dock to in the sea, thickly dotted ground bestrewed those who float to go up in surface " house " , the lights in the house brights, it is a seafood house. Pay v/arc one who owns a boat and makes a living as a boatman 2 yuan, there is a boat to carry you to think the fishing that go is discharged on dock.

In fishing the platoon eats seafood, have a kind of form only mostly, 3 inferior the most traditional " the furnace that hit a limit " , say with us " seafood chaffy dish " about the same, rate has only: Do not calculate wine water, everybody is 50 yuan, not set limit to, prawn, crab, conch eats at will. That feeling, to finally you meet what feel embarrassed to you can eat too and feel.

Continue the sea angles

The most outstanding is the sea here, can play by the side of Wen Zhouhai here can play, the sea angles not exceptional of course. 3 inferior the service that there is a guest to offer the sea to angle in a lot of hotels. The price is not cheap nevertheless, a hour 150 yuan, but the hotel offers fishing rod, ship, still special sailor takes you to search the sea area that suits fishing. If regard as,be the project of a libertinism, fall to still can be accepted. Player, can play bout accordingly first, answer below with respect to housekeep, be? Nevertheless, the sea angles this plaything very see lot, results stand or fall and technology appear and can not become direct ratio.

Bubble meeting by small fish gnawing hot spring

Hot spring of popular in the winter bubble, 3 inferior warm winter is same also, nevertheless 3 inferior this hot spring is more special, it is piscine cure hot spring.

The small fish that there is a kind to be able to live in the water of 40 ℃ allegedly in piscine cure hot spring, such fish the life is in hot spring water, those who be helpful for carrying water is clean, and person bubble is in hot spring, these fish keep biting your skin, but fish be too small really, can bite some of little bit only, as it happens goes dying the skin is corneous. Small fish is raised in hot spring pool now, small fish does the skin to nurse to the guest, had become 3 inferior the tide of bubble hot spring, in us nevertheless this belt is returned is the last word.
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