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Hainan dive strategy

Hainan dive

Phreatic water, come of late a popular with each passing day underwater moves, stimulation is full of a challenge again. Whole will tell, phreatic water motion is one enhances natant technical ability, escalate the vital capacity, outdoors campaign that increases muscle power. But besides these, dive motion still can achieve the effect that cultivate one's morality reduces weight. So phreatic water will be become very likely in gem gal another of the white-collar after this loves most.

Nature of home's at present best phreatic water bethel is not Hainan 3 inferior not belong to! Because be located in south Hainan,this is paragraph 3 inferior have continous Ting to make an appointment with the beach with 8 kilometers exquisite softness, beach length is 3 times the United States is Hawaiian about, reef of marine Shan Hu is saved very in good condition, it is groove guard of key of reef of Hu of national level Shan. The seawater over there is clear settleclear jade-like stone, visibility is in 8 go to 16 meters, some places can amount to 25 meters or so. Because of its favorable zoology environment, drew numerous shape each different, glowed intertropical fingerling comes this is resident, formed 3 inferior marine and gorgeous the landscape of much appearance. And 3 inferior also be considered as consistently by international dive expert south Pacific Ocean is optimum one of travel resorts of phreatic water.

Wu raises continent island: The ground that what be worth to be carried most is Hainan dive celebrity is known as when number " Chinese Maldives " Wu raises continent island. This civilian it is the phreatic water bethel that I recommend strongly! Be located in 3 inferior the Wu on bay of hall of sea of 40 kilometers place raises city northeast continent island general is called " Gu Qi city " , area 1.48 square kilometer, it is amount to is not much all round Hainan island embrace resource of beard fresh water and rich floral isle. Caspian water is clear and then transparent, visibility is extremely high, be as deep as 27 meters, according to only guest says, super- defend the United States Hawaiian. Dive here, as you depth gauge finger shows the change of deepness, wu raises city island of great capacity in good a magical world be shown in you slowly before, clear and clinking, tentacle can be reached, the world that sees in see through of the ability in DISCOVERY previously is in nowadays your before, soft soft Hai Kui, glowed small hagfish, firm move the sea urchin of yataghan, plump holothurian, langouste reachs the tropical fish of multicoloured, still have all sorts of different kinds. This is a hush but not depressing world: You can hear respirator to give out only " hoarse neighs " sound, either beside you of glide not famous small fish, let you feel fitful surprise.

The feeling feeling photograph that night goes relatively more special by day, mysterious sea appears below the set off of new approach more ghosts is magical. Wearing phreatic water headlight right now, in taking phreatic water flashlight to jump the sea, the world that you can feel marine apparently is more lively than by day a lot of. Grew long horsewhip horizontal stroke to be asleep in sea floor, big langouste catchs cate on Fu Zaishan Hu, crab, green snail, swimming crab bent over to go up in Shan Hu reef silently at 3 o'clock, still a lot of precious fingerling are like black clothes, black Chang to perhaps be etc behind you, looking attentively at you silently " inbreak " . Because most in the evening fish is,sleep around Shan Hu reef or ravin, so night goes to be a center with Shan Hu reef more. Although night goes to be stimulated more than losing a day, scene also more call it by a good name of, but the light of hand report crosses seawater, unlike was crossed in that way by day colour temperature, deep-sea colour instead can by 100 percent reductive.
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