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Hainan travel whole journey introduces

Hainan 3 inferior. It is a place that was mothered by nature, the sunshine here, beach and ocean can say the whole nation the first, leave the country nowadays swimming still is not very convenient when, home travels to should go most, it is Hainan 3 inferior.

Go the way that Hainan travels is very much, but to average trip or the person that go vacationing, no more than is to attend group and self-help travel two kinds chose, through my summary, think to attend a group to be equal to his undoubtedly picky, because attend the program of group itself to have a problem,the reason is, general we join a group is the reception desk of a certain travel in this locality signs up, give in next 1500, 3000 yuan League membership dues (in petty gain did not carry, the bait of fraud often is cheap) . After travel reception desk received the League membership dues of 1500, the travel that turns over you this locality forms a delegation company (cannot turn over at the same time of course 1500. Hand in 1200 pretty good) next of this locality form a delegation the company uses 1200 bands you order ticket of a plane, business is recieved in the travel that turns over Hainan this locality, (before the lowest of journey this locality of 5 days of 4 evening leaves give 50 yuan of prices to receive a visitor, even if do not go high also high to that. "Amazed " ) . We should think this time, does money recieve the so much of travel company compensate of this locality for what are we? So, here, we can consider to sign up for a group with the travel agent of Hainan place directly, such we can bypass receive us this locality travel agent of 1500, the charge that such going down that use in tourist is good, of generation complain natural meeting to drop, travel agent of wind of coco of big talk gold is successive 5 years of Hainan 10 strong companies, can consider to fall.

Do not go digging those things greatly, return to the subject. I suggest to go the form that the person of Hainan had better choose self-help to travel. Very simple,

The first; A piece of roundtrip flying airline ticket is bought in the booking office of this locality. (shift to an earlier date it is cheaper that fortnight is bought, do not seek petty gain on the net, it is it is very cheap to look, asking actually is not doing not have a ticket is an airliner not. The country goes law to stipulate Ming Sheming was buckled several years ago, actually over there same, petty gain also is a few sharp difference nevertheless at most) OK perhaps book on the travel website of Hainan, in net of Hainan self-help travel, its operation mode is such, it can pass the airline ticket that takes charter flight in agency of countrywide each district, want to compare you oneself to book Ming Sheming to discount the petty gain that come on the net, average bill is 5 days of 4 evening, such appropriate your travel.
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